How to make the custom Xbox Series X controller of your dreams?

How to make the custom Xbox Series X controller of your dreams?

You can now enjoy virtual reality without even leaving your home. Crazy arcades with realistic graphics, fitness classes, yoga, great tennis, communication with like-minded people, and much more, all this is an Xbox game console. This article will give you the answer on how to make the custom Xbox Series X controller of your dreams, xbox design lab ideas, and even more.

The popularity of the custom Xbox Series and its X controller

The devices of the American manufacturer are currently the most popular in the world. They compete equally with giants such as Sony PlayStation and Nintendo GameCube. Millions of gamers sleep and see this coveted device in their hands. What is so special about Xbox consoles? Let’s try to understand the reason for the incredible demand by examining in detail the line of Microsoft consoles.

Want a unique controller? The Xbox Design Lab can design the Xbox Wireless Controller or Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller to meet your requirements. You can choose from a wide range of colors, add metal trim and rubber grips, change the look of the buttons, and even engrave your gamer tag.

Five years ago, the Xbox Design Lab was introduced as a way for gamers to design their own official Xbox wireless controllers. Since then, hundreds of thousands of unique designs have seen the light of day, allowing users to express their creativity and bring their ideas to life. The design of the device has changed, becoming more modern. Strong white or black plastic with a removable panel could be immediately decorated with various stickers, making the decor “more fun.” For especially die-hard fans of the gameplay, the company separately released several bright copies of the console, the body of which is designed in the theme of a favorite game or movie.

Xbox continues to release its own controller color options separately from the Xbox Design Lab, as the newly introduced Pure Red Xbox Series X The S controller looks exactly like what can be created in the Design Lab. But if something like the Pulse Red controller can be quickly bought from Amazon as a pulse, or seen physically at GameStop or Target, then the Xbox Design Lab is much more intimate and creative for the shopper.

The best way to make the custom Xbox Series X controller of your dreams

Xbox Design Lab offers over a billion color and customization combinations to make your controller truly unique. Starting at a discounted price of just $59.99, you can treat yourself to something you’ll love this holiday season. You can choose the color of the body, backplate, bumpers, triggers, D-pad, joysticks, ABXY buttons, and your controller’s View and Menu buttons, mixing and matching them to your liking.

Want to do something pastel and pretty? You can do it. Do you want bright colors and metallics? You can do it. Do you want to do something that will make people cry? You can do it in the following way:

  • Once you’ve decided on your color scheme, you can even add engraving for just $9.99, and given that you’re saving $10 on a controller, why shouldn’t you add custom engraving?
  • If you want to add all the extra features (like rubberized grips and metal triggers) along with personalized engraving, your controller tops out at a reasonable $92.95.
  • The Xbox Design Lab is also full of designs you can draw inspiration from, just in case you’re a bit overwhelmed when trying to decide what color your D-pad should be.