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Pedro Almeida | Personal brand For my personal identity, I opted to make a simple, bold and memorable mark/symbol. That is how I want to be recognised visually. I mostly wanted to create an abstract shape, with resemblance of the letter “P” and also focused on creating a beautiful, sharp rounded and pointy edges symbol/mark. I wanted the mark to transmit: - Simplicity; - Reliability; - Modernity; and Positivity. __________ Having a brand identity is extremely important to deliver reliability, trust and communication. The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a company is their brand, well designed corporate identity makes your business memorable, recognisable, it's your DNA, the first impression. Visual communication is the easiest way to communicate, however, it doesn't mean it's easy to make it easy. It should be easy, you have to make it easy, that is the graphic designer's role in society. It is also the most important way to communicate, that combined with a good marketing strategy, your business will stand out in the crowd. Always invest in BOTH if you want your business to be successful. I believe that, good graphic design and marketing, translates into good business and sales increasement.   During the process of my personal brand, I made a selection of 3 motivational and inspirational design quotes. I also say that: "Visual communication is the only language that does not need to be translated". When it's well done, of course. is my personal website. What do you think about my "finger print"? Cheers!

Real printed business cards
Brand design project by Pedro Almeida
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