DHL visual redesign / Personal

My first personal challenge/project for 2016 was to completely re-design a brand recognised world wide. DHL was the one I picked. They became mostly recognised for their color palette (yellow and red) when they were getting famous. One of the reasons why I've chosen DHL is that when the logo is scaled down, its legibility is reduced, and you can't really see the 3 lines at both sides of the logo and/or the "lightning bolt" inside the logo, wich represent: speed, movement, transportation and delivery. My personal proposal consists of a simpler, clever and sometimes playful use of the logo, depending on how the logo is displayed. It also has a connection with the industry (shipping/delivery) and their actual brand concept. I also came up with 2 different slogans: "All paths lead to you", "You might have something coming your way" so people would fell more special and not just numbers, also made their actual statement slogan: "We move the world" to the present continuous: "Moving the world". Thank you for your time and appreciation! Photos used in this project belong to their owners.

Static logo
The photo above was only used for demonstration purpose and belong to the following people:
Creative Concept- Mark Flory
Producer-Kalpana kumar(Yolk Studio)
Art- Vinayak Thattari
Agency- Grey worldwide, Bangalore,India
Photo Assist- Abhishek srivastava, B.K Manjunath
Production Assist- Sidharth Mohan
Brand design project by: Pedro Almeida
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