Banco do Brasil - Redesign / Personal

Whithout changing or suppressing the current main concept of the logo (two lowercase letter “b”, loop and the appearance of the dollar sign “$”) I designed a mark still looking similar to their current one, but simpler and more balanced, communicating a more transparent visual communication. In order to display the yellow color, they always have to make it as a background or evolve the logo with a yellow rectangle. The logo can never go alone, without the yellow rectangle or background unless if it’s in positive version. Is the rectangle part of the logo, or not? In my proposal, you can choose whether it goes with or without a background/rectangle, use it how is more convenient. The yellow only plays a national role in the current logo, as it is present in the Brazilian flag. One could never associate the color yellow to a bank, people just get used to it, like a lot of things in life. I mean, it's the last color I could imagine for a bank. That is why I got rid of it. Big decision. To announce the new rebrand visual, the statement "A new present, for a better future" is introduced and communicated to potencial and current customers. The client is treated as a person instead of numbers by starting the letter with "Dear mr/ms..." Thank you for your time!

Mark construction with grid system
Brand design project by: Pedro Almeida
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